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Item description

Upgrade your salon or beauty space with the Brilliant Mirror trusted by makeup artists and beauty pros worldwide. This vanity mirror with LED lights provides impeccable lighting and creates the perfect setting for flawless makeup application! Illuminate your work and showcase your talent in the most brilliant light.

You can even test your look in different light settings from daylight to candlelight with adjustable lighting and dimming controls. It also comes with two outlet plugs so you can conveniently access your favorite beauty tools.

The Brilliant Mirror can be free-standing or wall-mounted, as it includes the legs for free-standing use and keyholes on the back for easy hanging.

Not only is the Brilliant Mirror gorgeous with its sleek design aesthetic, but its also durable and comfortable. You can spend hours in front of it without feeling any heat.

The Brilliant Mirror is also perfect for:

  • Leveling up your own personal vanity or glam space
  • Beautiful home decor
  • Creating the best studio setting

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